46 1/2 Hours of Free Mudbox DVD's From Wayne Robson


Free DVD's : The Entire Mudbox QuickStart Series

The models in these videos are very old now, but much of the content is still very useful and would've beenanother DVD all by themselves!

32 bit displacement in Maya 2009

How to Use Photoshop Brushes inside of Mudbox

Combining 32 bit Displacement Maps

Wayne's Cavity Cap Trick

Wayne's Easy Layered PSD Trick

Creating Tileable Texture

Prepapring photos for Projection

Projecting Retopologised Meshes and UVs

Setting up a mirrored UV Set in 3D Max

Mudbox Quick Start Series: Using Curves

Wayne's Ambient Occlusion photoshop trick

Ambient Occlusion maps

Importing Pre-Painted multi UV textures

Capturing max light rigs for use in Mudbox

Wayne's Sculpting trick

Common User Errors

Rendering 32 Bit displacement in 3D Max

Mudbox to XSI (32 bit Displacement maps)

The Lost QuickStart videos: Mudbox HDRI Painting

The Lost QuickStart videos: Mudbox to Vray

The Lost QuickStart videos: Introduction to Headus UVLayout

The Lost QuickStart videos: Sculpting folds

The Lost QuickStart videos: How to Damage Stuff